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What is therapeutic writing? I do not like to think of therapeutic writing as therapy. Most people have a negative vibe when it comes to that word. When we think of therapy, we typically think of an awkward silence in between very personal details, and having to wait days, or even weeks, before we reopen the thoughts again. The most wonderful concept regarding therapeutic writing is that it is completely driven by you, and you may discover many things about yourself that even you did not know. The best part of writing is that there is no particular sort of person that it relates to; writers can be of all ages, backgrounds, and have varying interests.

My approach: I do not use healing stones. I, unfortunately, do not always recycle. I don’t do yoga on a regular basis. I am a woman that has lived through ups and downs, and found the best way I could deal with them through writing. Life is not without emotions, of all kinds, but as humans we strive to communicate our feelings. When did we forget to listen and talk to our own selves?!

Poetry and journaling have always been, since I was eight-years-old, ways for me to vent, to become and to soothe myself. There is not one person on this planet that hasn’t experienced a negative instance in which they wish they had not have gone through, seen, or known someone that was effected by them. In addition, I believe that I am stronger because it was ME that that I sought, found and discovered strength through¬† writing.

For more information: I welcome you to contact me if you would like to join a series of 5 classes (held once a week, on a weekly basis), based on my individual approach to therapeutic writing. Class sizes will be small to ensure that each participants gets value out of each session. Journaling, poetry and short story writing will be introduced, with an optional open mic event, at the end of the program, for those that would like to share with the public.

Individual sessions also available. All ages. (Parent permission required for sessions with children and young adults under the age of 18. )

No White Spaces offers individuals, from all walks of life, to participate in either group or individual sessions. In addition, sessions/classes can be all in-person, or individuals may request in person coaching take place less, with emailed activities, writing prompts, and telephone coaching. The service can be tailored 100% to your needs!

Some of the many topics covered during No White Spaces sessions/classes:

Finding Your Own Style
Speaking Up Through Written Words
Using Your Seven Senses (Yes, I said SEVEN)
If you were a flow chart…
The Letter To The Self
Moving Forwards Means Looking Backwards
Healing Your Own Self

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