The Alaska Project

The Alaska Project

I’ve always been intrigued by Alaska. It seems so alien to everywhere else in the world. It beats to its own drum. It represents an ultimate goal in my life that seems almost unattainable, but daily-daydream-worthy at the same time. You might’ve already assumed that this project is about me achieving my dream of visiting Alaska, but it’s not. In fact, what I like most about Alaska is that it seems like near perfection–and sometimes our dreams are best left to the image of our imaginations. The truth is, I enjoy dreaming.

This project is a personal photography/blog/life challenge, meant to keep me always reaching my goals. I probably won’t make it to Alaska anytime soon–(and I like it that way) however, I have a lot of other dreams to achieve in the meantime. This weekly blog is for everywhere, and everything, I’d like to achieve (with a little bit of daydreaming about Alaska).

Alaska might be as beautiful as I imagine, and I have no doubt that I’ll make it there one day; however, for right now, I’ll never know how beautiful all my other goals and dreams could be unless I actually achieve them.

This blog series is for all those other things…those things that you have to work for in order for them to become beautiful.

Welcome to The Alaska Project.