Thanks for teaching me that I’m worth more than what you think of me. Thanks for showing me that those that speak ill of me are as insecure as I am. Thanks for hurting me with your words, and not doing it to someone that couldn’t emotionally take it. Thanks for telling me that I read people wrong, only to find out my intuition about you was correct all along.

Note of thanks to all those that called me a “weird” and “crazy”. Thanks to those that felt the need to put me down in front of others just because you were insecure. Thanks to those that treated me like crap and now talk to me like nothing happened. Thanks for thinking that because you rubbed elbows with half a town that it would change the way I, and others, felt about ourselves–it didn’t.

Thanks for the instigators that always need someone to talk about so that no one talks about them. Thanks to those that called me “crazy” while I was battling some of the worst moments of my life. Thanks for telling me, by your insecure actions, that I’m a good person and good at what I do.

Thanks to those that tell you to let it go and then later approach you to ask how you dealt with the same issues. No, seriously, thank you. I credit you for for the strong woman that I have become. You still walk around with your nose up, meanwhile, I’ve been building a heart larger than the sun you point it towards.

Thank you so much.

With love,


© 2014 Angela M Carter