Don’t wait until someone is gone to tell them what they mean to you.
Write thank you cards.
Buy a person’s meal that is behind you in drive thru.
Choose the names you answer to.
Allow yourself to be loved.
Don’t allow others to treat you like they don’t love you.
Don’t apologize for being different.
Know the difference between helping and enabling.
It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.
Don’t wait until tomorrow.
Create a space you enjoy.
Volunteer…some time with yourself.
Add some bubbles in that bath.
Buy someone a gift…just because.
It’s never too late.
Be yourself, cause you’ll never be good at pretending to be someone else.

These are lessons I’ve learned and am learning. What have you learned?

Oh, and it’s never too late to learn something new.

© 2014 Angela M. Carter Poetry.

photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc