TapeSo, yes, poetry did save me; it pulled me from the fire. But music was the one that soothe me as I burned a little.

I will never forget the first time I heard Nirvana. I’m not sure if I was obsessed just because of the music, or because Kurt Cobain was a very attractive man, but nonetheless, I was hooked. It started me on a path of enjoying grunge and punk music forever.

However, what I listen to when I am writing is very different from what I listen to in every day life. Certain music has become my soundtrack, especially when editing poems. I am more focused when I have a rhythm.

Some might say that listening to music while writing will alter the structure, or the words even. I hope they do. I hope there is something in everything around me that contributes in a  poem.

The following playlist is typical of what I listen to while I am writing and need to break away from the world around me:Adagio for Strings-Samuel Barber (classical)

  • God Moving Over the Face of the Waters-Moby (classical)
  • Alone-Moby (classical)
  • I Dream a Highway-Gillian Welch
  • Six Gnossiennes: No 1: Lent (classical)
  • The Lamb-Taveners (choir)
  • Hayling-FC Kahuna

I’m learning that many things can play into saving us; some of things things do not even possess a beating heart, but ensure that our own hearts continue to beat. Don’t dismiss the soundtrack that is playing behind all the memories and moments in your life.

© 2014 Angela M. Carter Poetry
photo credit: danes96 via photopin cc