I have heard of stories of people waking up feeling completely transformed. I believe it may be a switch that flips, even if we do not consciously turn the light on. Not long ago I was experiencing awful stomach pains. I went through many tests that revealed I had stomach ulcers. Ulcers are common, but before I knew what the problem was, I wondered of the worst. I wondered if I did ever find out something was terribly wrong, what would I have to say about my life? What would I leave, emotionally, to my family, friends–even strangers?

Even though I know that the issue is curable, a couple of weeks ago I woke up as a new person. As I awakened I was smirking! I stopped worrying, stopped seeing my worth as what others saw it to be, stopped investing time in those that couldn’t give me “bread”, and began to see strength after strength in me and my life. When I started to feel exhausted, I saw how lucky I was that I could work. When I started to feel that I was settling for some things in life, I began to make it clear that I would not any longer. And lastly, my creativity is soaring!

I am tackling many dreams that, in the past, I put off to the side.  I do have many aspriations and ideas, but not enough time to initiate them.  But two weeks ago, I moved forward and now I am beginning my own therapeutic writing business, which means I can coach those of all walks of life to write themselves into self-realization. I am not a doctor, but I am a person that has been “there” and found my way to a very beautiful place in life. There are many that haven’t found that place yet, and those, like me, that found it but stumble and fall every once and awhile because I look back too often.

But, please, don’t think I take life so seriously all the time, because I do not. One of the most important aspects of life, to me, is being able to laugh so heartily that it hurts. Some may even think I joke around too much, but laughter makes me feel young inside. What is better to create everlasting happiness than feeling happy? Don’t take life too seriously, but I urge everyone to think of what if’s. What if you knew you had little time? Who would you be? Who would you pursue? What would you say louder or differently? It matters.

Every moment matters. Wake up smiling tomorrow morning while knowing exactly that—knowing that these very moments are yours and only you know where the perfection of that moment should be; you just might need a little fire under your ass to work towards it.

Flip that friggin’ switch.

© 2013, No White Spaces, Angela M. Carter.