We run. We stay. We hide. We take the wrong sides. There are many things we do to avoid change and rejection. We put a large amount of energy into maintaining even the most detrimental things in our lives.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed women stay with those that bruised their hearts, men that were hit until they were blue, lives that ended because of one mistake and some that had no choice but to endure their hardships until they were old enough to leave them.

One thing I have learned is, that these people are FIERCE individuals–even though you may think they are weak. Some do what they do for reasons you are unaware of. Some have lived no other way and do the best they can with what they have.

This does not mean that I condone anyone staying in detrimental situations; what I’m saying is please do not believe that their FIERCE nature won’t shine through one day soon!

The light in them will shine bright one morning when they were near their wit’s end. It will scream through a window, for the first time, when a neighbor walks by. It will appear just when you were about to leave them be. It will find its way in their legs and take them to the place they were headed towards all their lives.

We are not perfect, but we are all FIERCE in our own time.


© 2014 Angela M. Carter

photo credit: stuant63 via photopin cc