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So, I created a bucket list a little over a year ago. On this list, included many things that I wanted to achieve, but never have, due to low confidence, etc. On this list I noted, in the top 10, that I wanted to have an art show.

My town, Harrisonburg, VA, is full of talent. FULL. I would never say that I have felt like my talent was any less important, but I would say that I wasn’t sure that I could stand out enough as a new-ish-comer to art to be accepted for my own show. You see, I’m the writer. Everyone knows me as that–not the painter.

I put together a proposal, organized a meeting at the local Art’s Council with the Arts Council Director, and spoke about why this was important to me. Along with the reasons it was important, I presented a theme. To my surprise, straight away, it was accepted and she stated how unique my thinking was and how she appreciates that in each and every artist. Me *artist*  The show I presented to her that day evolved into something much more personal…

Sure, I try my hand at creating things, ie. wire art scultpures, creative framing, vintage furnishings, was even a painter many years ago. BUT, this was different. This was an entire show during my book launch. Looking back, it couldn’t have been better timing to overindulge in creativity, of all sorts, while releasing the most intimate piece of work I’ve ever put out into the world, Memory Chose a Woman’s Body

This show, is about giving words, and faces, to the body of sadness. Each piece is a version of different emotions that we (Dave Buracker and I) have felt in our most turmoiled-filled moments. 

Dave’s colors are much more bold, and there is layer upon layer of emotion on his canvases. My paintings, have many crevises, layers, and colors of blue I didn’t know existed. Every. single. piece. is. unique. and. all. about. sadness. I believe that is because sadness mutates in to many things–it becomes anger, sleepwalking and fights that we nearly give up on. We hope to see you there, and maybe you’ll recognize the face of the sadness you’ve carried around, somewhere on the wall.

Darrin-McHone Gallery
Opening August 1
Harrisonburg, VA

Dave Buracker’s poetry has been published in over a dozen journals and reviews including “The Amherst Review,” “Rock Falls Literary Review,” and William and Mary’s “The Gallery.” Dave also helped produce the first radio show in the United States dedicated to voicing young writers at JMU’s WXJM in the early 90s – the show was later syndicated nationally. He has released more than 25 electronic music albums worldwide under various names such as “Maduro,” “Darkened,” and “Teleoptyk,” has completed numerous abstract acrylic paintings (being invited to a local DC area art residency program) and has professionally written comic books. Dave graduated from Bridgewater College in 1996 and currently lives in the Washington DC area.

Angela M. Carter, a poet, motivational speaker and author of full-length poetry memoir, Memory Chose a Woman’s Body (Unbound CONTENT). Born and raised in a Virginia farming town of less than 280 country-folk, Angela moved abroad for nearly five years, and returned, along with her family, to Virginia with a new-found voice to speak of the past hidden life that she experienced. Her memoir articles have been published by Our Stories Untold and Gutsy Living; her poetry publications include several webzines and anthologies. She is a poetry editor of CityLitRag (NYC webzine), co-coordinates Rocktown Poetry Circle, and is passionate about speaking of topics that most are silent about. See More

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