Memory Chose a Woman’s Body is a poetry memoir. The book does not hold any punches, and speaks of all the uncomfortable moments I have encountered during my life. Many have said that I leave no stone unturned in my poetry. The book speaks of my own personal struggles, but I believe it will speak to anyone that has encountered heavy moments, or that is human.

A majority of the poems are geared towards my childhood, and include experiences that I feel that I was not able to control or cope with effectively at that time. There are also poems that explore of the aftermath that followed the occurrences: the choices I made, and the ones I once felt that were predetermined.

There are multiple questions that could be asked after reading the book, and many assumptions that may be made. Would I have gone through the latter if I had not of experienced the earlier occurrences? Are we only a project of what we experience? However, overall, what I hope readers take away from the book is a voice of their own that is a camaraderie of those instances we cannot control, and how we choose to react.

Even though I feel in control of my future, I accept that I will never fight off many of my insecurities, and the relapses of lack of trust that I have in others.  Depression will always lurk around the corner of every new trail I walk in my mind. More importantly, however, with those realizations accepted, I have found ways to cope in situations that once scared me down to my bones.

Each moment creates a wave for the next. We could fall and make no waves at all, or you can help create a very large gust of wind; thanks for helping me create a new beginning by supporting the publication of this book. Not long now!!!!!

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