small_4441155157Last Thursday morning I was interviewed via radio. I was unsure of how many would hear the interview, but since that day, I have been hearing from those in-state, out-of-state, across the country and across seas. Listen to Angela M. Carter’s radio interview, where speaks of how poetry saved her life.

Since creating a Facebook page dedicated to my poetry and motivational speaking, I have gained over 250 likes, within two days, of those that have never met me, but are passengers in a difficult, but rewarding journey. Many have reached out to say that they realize it must be difficult to put myself out there for all to hear, but that they see my voice as part of their own. These messages mean more than any of you realize; thank you.

I boarded a plane at 18, moved over 2,000 away from home for several years, just to find out that memories became my Siamese twin. Memory Chose a Woman’s Body is a memoir, in poetry form, that speaks of the many stories and memories that have never stopped knocking loudly at my door. It has taken many years to have the nerve to clear my heart of these words; I was in fear of what it would change in my life.

My stories may not be much different than your own, and I believe that is why I have the undying support of so many, including those that I have never met in person. I have received messages from two Virginia teachers that would like their students to study my poetry. I am honored, but not removed from the fact that I am a normal person, with just my own set of experiences that formed me into who I am today; these students need to know that they, too, CAN be who they currently feel they cannot be.

With your support, our voice will be loud; we can help others, young and old, fight the disease of silence. Whatever we may not be talking about does not only effect us, but our quality of life. My hands might be shaking about this release, but I feel you all there keeping them steady with your support.

photo credit: Camdiluv ♥ via photopin cc